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  1. Download an *-all or "complete" distribution zip from or
    1. Make sure the zip file contains bin and src
  2. Unzip the distribution
    1. Linux command: unzip -d gradle
  3. Copy the distribution to a suitable system directory.
    1. Windows suggested: C:\gradle-7.25.1
    2. Linux suggested: /opt/gradle-7.25.1
  4. Create a version-less symbolic link. This makes it easy to upgrade. Use the link in PATH and in IDEs.
    1. Unix command: ln -s /opt/gradle-7.5.21/ /opt/gradle
    2. Windows command: mklink C:\gradle C:\gradle-7.5.21
  5. Add Gradle bin folder to the PATH environment variable.
    1. Linux: Add export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gradle/bin to ~/.bashrc


MultiExcerptNamegradle verify

Verify installation:

Code Block
$ gradle -v

Gradle 7.45.21


Now install Gradle:

sdk install gradle 7.45.21

Note, Gradle will be installed in a hidden folder located at (You may have to press Ctrl + H to view hidden folders in Ubuntu's file explorer):



If you have not yet read the Gradle official documentation on the Build Environment, please do so now. This section will mostly contain the important highlights of that document. Gradle properties files are .properties files.