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IHMC Commons

Useful tools and utilities that extend Java, Apache Commons Lang, and Apache Commons IO to make them a little more accessible and non-intrusive.


In your build.gradle:

compile group: "us.ihmc", name: "ihmc-commons", version:

testCompile group: "us.ihmc", name: "ihmc-commons-testing", version:

What's Included

  • Apache Commons Lang 3
  • Apache Commons I/O
  • IHMC's Log Tools logging library providing setting log level from CLI
Main Distribution
  • File and Path tools that interface using Java's NIO.2 API.
  • Minimal Stopwatch with friendly API.
  • Commonly needed conversions. (Data information units, etc.)
  • Epsilons for explicitness and convenience.
  • Functional exception handling including one-liner option.
  • Recycling and preallocated lists, deque.
  • Tools to increase threading safety.
  • Tools for defining time intervals.
Testing Distribution
  • Support for mutation testing and displaying the results in your browser.
  • Tools for running parallel continuous integration tests in the cloud.
  • Extra assertions. (assertSerializable, assertExceptionThrown, etc.)
  • Tools for allocation testing. (Filtering on top of google/java-allocation-instrumenter)


This build requires Gradle 5.0+.

This library aims to be small, lightweight, and stable with minimal dependencies. Pull requests will be heavily reviewed.


Apache License, Version 2.0

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