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Making a release

  1. Increment version numbers in build.gradle.kts and buildSrc/build.gradle.kts
  2. Upload to Bintray:
    ../ihmc-ci $ gradle publish -PpublishUrl=ihmcRelease
  3. Publish to Gradle plugins site:
    ../ihmc-ci/buildSrc $ gradle publishPlugins
  4. Click 'Publish' in Bintray:
  5. Tag commit with `:bookmark: X.X.X`
  6. Document release notes at IHMC CI Release Notes

Upgrading dependent projects

Here we use a regular expression to set the versions to the latest:

Searching in *.gradle, *.gradle.kts, replace

(us\.ihmc[ \t\x0B\S\.]*ihmc-ci[ \t\x0B:"a-zA-Z)]*)([0-9\.]+)("|')



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